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New Name, Same Team, Same Old Stock Market...

New web presence, New name, Same Team, Same stock market…

At long last, I am very pleased to be able to introduce the new “JBT Financial Team” web presence, with our updated name “Simplify Wealth”. Please know that nothing has changed internally with our relationship with Manulife Securities Incorporated, and, in what I view as even more important, nothing has changed with Rachelle Burnett and Wanda Walters agreeing to show up to the office from Monday to Friday.

The Simplify Wealth name is new and we think it reflects both “who we are” and “what we do” in just two short words (pretty simple). We hope that the website becomes a valuable resource for our clients for both account specific information and the types of tools, calculators and links that you want to use from time to time. Personally I hope you come to enjoy a resource that I feel like I have been attempting to compliantly provide you with for the proverbial dog’s age – the blog. As many of you know, we love to proactively communicate with you over various mediums. You also know that sometimes our “timeliness” is restricted by industry review requirements. We hope we have found the happy medium on the website, and I will be regularly using the blog update. We chose to call it “3 Minutes of Your Time” and you can see from the title what my requirement of your time commitment will be – 3 Minutes. My goal is to make it a useful resource, available to you on your desk top, tablet or mobile device, and in three minutes or less it should both inform and, I hope, entertain. I am very confident that you will let me know if I am failing on either measure!

You can find us here: www.simplifywealth.ca.

I will look forward to any and all feedback on the website itself and the content that it provides. I won’t lie and advise that I will always be able to make any suggested adjustments (it will require that approval of a large army of legal types), but we very much hope that it proves to be useful to you. In the end, that will be the measure of how successful this exercise will be.

As per always if you dial either 709- or 866-754-1975 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 to 5:30 Newfoundland Time, a human being will answer. That will never change. You can also now get us directly through the website (straight to Wanda’s inbox to be “triaged” accordingly). We look forward to using this resource to help us in our relationship with you as we navigate this “lifestyle and money” path together.

(FYI, it took me 2 minutes 17 seconds to read this)

Thank you,


Call 1-709-754-1975