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Get ready to enjoy the
freedom of personal
wealth management.

With your personal Portfolio Manager at the helm, responsible for setting direction and strategy, and selecting investments for your portfolio, there’s time for you to fit more life into life.


  • for a better solution. 
  • to put investing – from the big decisions to the small ones – in professional hands. 
  • to simplify investing. 
  • for your personal Portfolio Manager.

Manulife Wealth Inc.’ Advisor Managed Program

With Manulife Wealth Inc.’ Advisor Managed Program, every aspect of managing your portfolio – including your investment strategy, researching investment opportunities, selecting securities to buy and at what price – is taken care of by your personal Portfolio Manager, a highly qualified financial professional.

When you delegate the responsibility of investing to your personal Portfolio Manager you want the right professional leading the way.
Your personal Portfolio Manager is an accredited and licensed financial professional who employs prudent and personal thinking to manage your wealth.

Your Portfolio Manager committed significant time and effort to become a Portfolio Manager. It’s a title reserved for a select group of investment professionals. It requires advanced investment qualifications, professional development and extensive experience advising clients.

Your Portfolio Manager follows a comprehensive framework to create, manage and continually assess your investment strategy to ensure it meets your personal circumstances and financial goals.


Continuously assess current domestic and world economies, market trends and opportunities.

  • Get to know you to better understand your personal situation, life goals and investment objectives
  • Establish your short-term and long-term priorities

Confirm direction

  • Develop your Investment Policy Statement
    – Establish your investor profile
    – Define your investment goals and objectives
    – Identify risk and return expectations; investment time horizon
  • Determine target asset allocation


Determine investment opportunities to pursue, when and at what price

  • Evaluate, monitor and manage existing investments using industry-leading technology
  • Ensure existing investments align with prudent rules for investment quality and diversification


  • Quarterly portfolio reviews by independent compliance officers
  • Registered Supervising Portfolio Manager oversees portfolio management activities
  • The Advisor Managed Program Managed Accounts Committee, comprised of key individuals in senior management positions, is responsible for overall governance and Portfolio Manager oversight

Stay informed

  • Any-time online access to your portfolio details
  • Regular account statements
  • Additional portfolio reports available upon request

Experience the freedom of personal, professional wealth management. Simplify investing so you can fit more life into life. Contact us for more details.

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